Velkommen! Erklæ er en simpel side - med en simpel idé. At lade folk skrive en kærlighedserklæring til een de holder af. Og det er ganske nemt - du behøver ikke at oprette en bruger - bare tryk opret erklæring.

Hvad kan jeg sige mere end...; JEP?


Love that we cannot have is the one that last the longest, hurts the deepest, and feels the strongest. <br /> <br /> <br />What I feel about you is more than you think. <br />When I&#x27;m around you I feel something in my heart that I can&#x27;t explain. <br /> <br />As I sat here through my tears <br />I look back on all the years <br />I guess I&#8217;m not quiet sure when I started feeling this way again <br />I thought it&#8217;d be easier if we could just be friends, the best <br /> <br />The other day when you left, <br />my heart screamed a protest. <br />Was it fake? <br />I ask myself the question again, <br />the same question I&#x27;ve been asking for all this time. <br /> <br />Falling in love with you <br />is one of the hardest things I&#x27;ve ever done. <br /> <br />We had our fun, and now you see, <br />you come running back to me. <br />Then one night you <br />whispered those 3 words I&#x27;ve longed to hear. <br /> <br /> <br />The further you drift away from me, <br />The more I feel I ll never be free. <br />Perhaps I should just let you go, <br />Your love maybe, I should not know? <br /> <br />I&#x27;m running around in circles, not knowing what road to take <br />Scared to take the roads unknown the decision is so hard to make. <br /> <br />I hope you miss me, <br />As much as I miss you. <br />But there&#x27;s a wall between us, <br />And it seems there&#x27;s nothing we can do. <br /> <br />Don&#x27;t ever let anyone take my place <br />Because they will never face <br />All our memories will be locked up tight <br />Even all our stupid fights. <br />The laughs, the tears, the cries, the fears <br />Have built up through the years. <br />I&#x27;ll never let us be apart <br />And you will always remain in my heart. <br /> <br /> <br />I&#x27;m telling you this &#x27;cause I want you to know, <br />That no matter what may come of us.... <br />I&#x27;LL NEVER LET YOU GO!!! <br /> <br /> <br />- Pernille

17. december 2006, 20:22
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